5 Mistakes that Could be Keeping You Single | Why your not Taken

"5 Mistakes that Could be Keeping You Single"

You may be asking yourself why you are among the perpetually single. Perhaps you think love will never find you. It is time to step back and assess yourself to determine what it is that is keeping you from getting involved in a healthy relationship. Five mistakes people make can keep them single:

  1. Complaining
  2. Jumping the gun on long-term plans
  3. Financial issues
  4. Jealousy
  5. Depressed about not finding love

Do you find yourself constantly complaining about your day? If so, chances are you are single because you are not positive enough to retain the interest of the opposite gender.

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5 Mistakes that Could be Keeping You Single

Men and women do not want to hear the dramatic details of your everyday life. They want to know that you are a positive person capable of dealing with daily stress.

If you being asking about their long term plants too soon, chances are you love interest will go running for the hills. You can scare a person off if you jump the gun and push for a serious relationship too soon. Instead, back off, give you love interest some breathing space and take the time to appreciate one another through friendly hellos and perhaps even some flirting from time to time. He or she will appreciate the fact that you are willing to give them space when they need it.

If you see being single as a problem, chances are you are ready to get out there and start dating but do not rush it. Take your time and eventually, love will find you. If you have been busy with work and activities, you may not even have noticed if someone has taken an interest in you. Take the time to look up and around you. Take notice of new people and do not be afraid to offer a smile and a friendly introduction. If you are tired of being single, take the time to get to know new people.

If having finances is a major priority, you need to evaluate your own financial situation before setting limitations on a future partner's financial background. Although it is important for your partner to be financially secure, it is best to look beyond this to more important things such as personality. Is your love interest kind, caring and genuine? If so, give it a shot and see where the relationship goes. If you are the type of person that focuses on jealousy, chances are your love interest will be turned off by this approach so keep a calm level head at all times.

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