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"No. 1 Social Networking Site for Young Singles & Dating"

There's no doubt that technology has socially invaded our lives and with powerful networking sites like Facebook, every savvy single gal or guy is sure to enjoy access to a goldmine of cutties and princes’ to choose from. Today, Facebook is certainly the largest and most popular social networking site with millions of profiles to jumpstart any single to the good stuff. Facebook, Zuck's human catalog is indeed a love filter for those looking for a date. Initially, the social network was used to stay in touch with friends and family; but not anymore. Young people-and the young at heart are actively using the platform to find people they fancy just like in the real world.

As a networking platform, Facebook has created a niche for itself as the most reliable social networking site among all age groups. Although it was previously touted to be a social networking site for college students and young adults, the site has fast garnered popularity among adult users as well. As a matter of fact, recent statistics indicate that adult usage rose from 35 percent in the previous year to 45 percent last year.

According to the fictional Mark Zuckerberg, "Relationship status, interested in – this is what drives life in college." This means that Facebook is the easiest place for singles to find their next date. With it, online dating has never been fun and real. By just hitting on a friend of a friend, you could actually have a date!

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No. 1 social networking site for singles to date. Millions of profiles to choose & date.

It is no secret that millions of profiles with features of your dream gal or guy do exist online. They are all connected to Facebook and use this tool to divulge their personal information that can help you prepare for the pursuit. This might sound like stalking or creepy at first but think again. This could just be your friend's friend and so why not try your luck? However, don't become a weirdo by haphazardly hitting everyone up. Be sure to play cool and smart.

Need a date on Facebook? How you can make it happen? You may ask. Thanks to Zucker, he made it as easy as a pie for all single users. The Facebook Graph Search has taken online dating to a whole new level. The tool has proved to be highly effective to all young singles and with it, you can connect not just to your friends, but to anyone using desirable search terms. For instance, you can type the words "Single females living in New York" and thousands of them will appear in the search results. You can also use more specific search phrases like “singles living in New York who are in the fashion industry”. With this, the search results will equally be overwhelming. This tool makes Facebook the No. 1 social networking site on the planet. The site has been voted the best for being highly essential to all young singles. Looking for a single guy or gal who shares your interests? Facebook is the place to be. You will find the date, love, soul mate or lasting relationship without having to noodle it out using many details. The next time you are surfing the site, don't just focus on marketing, site traffic, promotion, chatting or sharing photos; get to know someone; find love as well. You just never know, your date could just be a like away!

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No. 1 social networking site for singles to date. Millions of profiles to choose & date. Largest, fun and easy online dating platform for all ages looking for love.
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